New Site!!

I’ve been messing around with web stuff since I first put a web page together on an eircom hosting account in 1994/1995. In 2001/2002, I taught myself PHP and did some more messing. Around the same time, I bought a domain. Since 2004/2005, WordPress has been my publishing platform of choice.

Recently though, either WordPress has been getting heavier or my host has been getting slower. Either way, my humble homepage has been taking time to load. Time for a change. I’d looked at Jekyll a while ago and thought very little at the time. But then I decide I also needed to start using my github account for something useful. And they have github pages. And they support rednering Jekyll-based sites on commit. OK. We’ve got a small, well-defined project.

So what you’re looking at is the result of my trail (and error). It also has the convenient side effect of being easy to edit on a plane (no net connection) and commit the results when I get home. Additionally, I can merge witterings from one of the many machines I have access to. All it needs is git, ssh and vim. Done and dusted.

Wed 27 Jul 2011